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Kreicberg - EBay Dropshipping Coaching 2.0 (2019)

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    EBay Dropshipping Coaching 2.0
    Автор: Andrei Kreicberg
    Язык: Английский
    Lets Begin:
    1. Welcome Inside The Coaching Course
    2.Setting Up Your Ebay Account And Policies
    3.Finding Out Your Ebay/Paypal Fees
    4.What Is Ebay Shop And When To Get One?
    5.Manually Find And List Your First Product
    6.Must Know About 'Good Till Cancelled'

    Dropshipping From Retailers:
    7. Finding Products Using Tool (Competitive Research) Amazon Items
    8.Finding Products Using Tool (Competitive Research) 3rd Party Items
    9.Finding Products Using Tool (Products Research)
    10.Finding Products Using Tool (Bulk Scanning Way)
    11.Listing Products NON API Way (Manual Method)
    12.Listing Products With Listing Software (Quick And Easy)
    13.How To Order Your First Item? (Couple Examples)
    14.How To Do A Return On Ebay?
    15.Undercutting-Matching With Walmart
    16.Undercutting-Matching With Homedepot
    17. Undercutting-Matching With Overstock
    18.Undercutting-Matching With Costco UK
    19.Undercutting-Matching With Zooplus UK
    20.Undercutting-Matching With Smythstoys UK
    21.Cashback And Giftcards Explained

    Outsourcing & Hiring Virtual Assistants:
    22.Hiring And Outsourcing Va's
    23.How And How Much To Pay Them?
    24.How To Give Va's Access To Ebay
    25.Managing Your Working Spreadsheets

    Stealth Accounts & Diversification:
    26.What Are Stealth Accounts And Why I Need Them?
    27.Where To Get Them And How To Set Up?
    28.Giving All Necessary Access And Protection

    Growth Recommendation & Other Useful Information:
    29.What Is Tax Exempt And How To Become One?
    30.What Is Vat?
    31.Ways Of Funding Your Business
    32.What Are Giftcards And Where To Get Them From?
    33. DO NOT Sell These Items
    34.How To Know When Your Product Comes Back In Stock
    35. Follow My Youtube Channel

    Your Dropshipping Suppliers:
    36. Standard Retail Suppliers US & UK & Germany & Australia
    37. Safe To Use Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers


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