Скачать Motion Design School - 3D Simulations in Cinema 4D (2020)


Motion design school - 3D Simulations in Cinema 4D

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Workflow course for small VFXs inside Cinema4D. We'll cover most of the modeling from solids to liquids, exploring the personal project we did last year here at YETI Pictures.

What is this course about?

What we love doing here at Yeti is exploring new visual languages. Our favorite way of working is expressing our ideas via dynamic simulations. Cloth, fluids, smoke, everything can be art directed and work as a tool for design. We will set up projects so that they are animation-ready. We will dissect plugins like X-Particles, Turbulence FD and Realflow without ever leaving Cinema4D, along of course with the powerful native tools of our favorite software. Last but not least, we will discuss the importance of art directing your shots in such a way so that they are presentable to clients, along with a brief overview of Octane renderer's features that are applicable in simulations.

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